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Deserving of respect?

Yes, for those of you whose fairy tale invisible friend is of a more violent sort, this is a depiction of your prophet. Gonna bomb me now?

Followers of Islam, like any religion, assume that they should be afforded automatic respect based solely on the idea that their religious symbols are sacred, and that their story of choice is superior. In asserting that their tenets are inviolate, they do nothing to further the world's perception of the average muslim as being no less rabid than their turban-wearing, suicide-bombing counterparts.

Even firefox's spellcheck demands that I capitalize the word muslim, as if the system of belief is a true proper noun. What has the islamic faith done to warrant such respect? Given rise to more violence against women than all the cases of Schlitz put together? Stopped Arabic scientific prominence, revoking their reknown as the world's thinkers that hailed from Alexandria and ancient Babylon? Fostered such hate in its followers that followers of different factions of the same religion cannot coexist without exploding into violence? Anyone?

Don't get me wrong - this latent desire for respect is attributed to all religions. It's as if the mere idea that a person can so effectively abandon reason and logic is something to be lauded, rather than shunned as it should be. They insist that blind faith is to be rewarded, and that to question is to sin.

This can't go on forever, especially when nearly every religion on the planet predicts a catastrophic war with the believers on one side and the heathens on the other. That kind of prediction becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy once a belief system has been built around it.

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