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Frist psot!

When venturing out to find one's place in this wide wide web of ours, it often helps to attempt to distinguish oneself. Some attempt to do this through providing vast warrens of useful information - entire libraries devoted to the most esoteric of subjects. In doing so, they provide what may be perceived as a valid service - an information repository of unmeasurable value. Others aggregate useful information from around the world, and present said information in an easily acceptable format, providing millions with news and information in an instant.

I, on the other hand, choose to upload bad drawings and make sarcastic and cynical comments. You judge for yourself which is providing the most valuable service. This comic will be updated on an "As I get to it" schedule (or AIGTI, for those of you playing along with our home game), but I'll be targeting about once a week. Forums to supplement the images will be forthcoming, and will likely be sparsely populated (but I have to put forth the effort, right?).

So there you have it. Enjoy my linear ministrations or loathe my laziness as you please.

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